A Guide to Carrying Out Roof Inspections on your Property


While the entire property does need to be inspected now and then, there are certain areas of the roof that are not visible from the ground, and it is only by closely inspecting the roof, you can be sure there is no damage. The harsh British climate can quickly make its mark on a roof, and by carrying out regular roof inspections, you can make any minor repairs promptly, before they can cause too much damage.

Things to Look For

A thorough roof inspection would include all of the following:

  • Closely inspecting the roof tiles – Looking for damaged or missing units.
  • Cleaning out the guttering – This is especially important if you have overhanging trees, as wet leaves can quickly cause a guttering blockage. If you don’t fancy doing this, there is affordable roof repair in Southampton from a local roofing company and they would be happy to carry out the roof inspection, as well as cleaning out the guttering.
  • Chimney – The chimney is usually slightly above the roof line, which puts it at risk of damage by flying storm debris. Close inspection would reveal whether or not the cement joints are in need of repair, and if they are, repointing is the answer.
  • Fascia & Soffit Boards – These protect the underside of the lower roof line, and they are made from timber, which might need painting, or if they are old and weathered, you could have then replaced with PVC lengths.

If you would like to leave the roof inspection to an experienced roofer, an online search will help you make contact and they will make an appointment to carry out the inspection.