Factors To Consider For The Toilets Of Your New Office Design


When you are redesigning your office layout or building a new one, there are various factors you will need to consider. The toilet facilities are something you do not want to overlook as you must meet set standards by law when you are an employer. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in hefty fines, and it can also make an unpleasant working environment for your employees. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider helping you create suitable washroom facilities for your office that comply with the law and can help you create an ideal working environment.

What The Law Says About Washroom Facilities

The number of toilets and washbasins you will need will depend on the size of your office and how many employees will use them. You can better understand what you need if you click here to go to the Work Smart website. You will need to ensure there are separate facilities for men and women, and you will also need to have disabled access facilities, even if all your current employees are able-bodied. They need to have sufficient lighting and ventilation and have hot and cold running water.

What Facilities You Will Need

You will need toilet cubicles for the male and female toilets, but you will also need to get urinals for the men’s facilities. There are various styles of stalls you can select, depending on the available space you have, but you will want to ensure they are not too cramped, and users will have sufficient space when sitting on the toilet. You will also want to select suitable washbasins, and it is an excellent idea to use touchless taps that you can turn on by waving your hands under them, which are much more hygienic to use. You will also want to use a hand blower that operates in the same manner, and you can also choose soap dispensers that do not need touching to dispense the soap.

Additional Facilities To Possibly Include

Employers are trying to encourage their employees to live more active lifestyles, and to help promote this, you may want to provide shower facilities for workers to use. If you part of the cycle to work scheme, having showers at work can help encourage more people to cycle to work. It can also make people more likely to take you up on the free lunchtime yoga sessions you may offer if they have somewhere to clean themselves properly afterwards. It is not compulsory to provide these in most cases, but it can be an excellent idea to add them if you have sufficient space available.

Make The Simple To Keep Clean & Tidy

You will also want to ensure suitable storage space in your toilets so your cleaners can easily access everything they need to keep them clean. You will need somewhere to store toilet paper and soap and the necessary equipment to clean the toilets. Ensure you choose surfaces that are practical and easy to keep clean, and it will help your cleaners stay on top of the job and ensure your office toilets are always sparkling.