Factors To Consider When Designing a Luxurious Family Bathroom


When you are looking to redesign your family bathroom in your home, there are various factors you will need to consider. You will want to design a bathroom that looks fantastic but is also practical and has everything you and your family need in it. Taking your time planning and designing your new bathroom can help ensure you do a fantastic job, and below are some of the various things to think about when planning a luxury bathroom in Bangkok.


A vital factor in any bathroom is ventilation, as they can be hot and humid rooms in our homes, and mould and mildew can soon form without the correct ventilation. Ideally, you will have a large window in your bathroom that will help with ventilation and let in plenty of natural light. However, you may also want to include an extractor fan to help with this problem and ensure your new luxurious bathroom is well ventilated.

The Bathroom Furniture

You will also need to consider the bathroom furniture you will include in your design, and the best option will depend on your budget and the available space. You will want a toilet and a sink, and you will need to decide whether you will have a shower and include a bathtub. There is no need to include a European bidet as you can use one of the spray guns, which are common throughout Asia. The bathroom furniture cost can vary quite drastically, depending on the brand and the quality, but you can get some quality bargains if you shop around.

The Storage Options For Your Bathroom

One thing that seems many people overlook when planning their bathroom is ensuring that there is adequate storage. If you do not have enough storage in your bathroom, it will look untidy, no matter how luxurious it is. You will need to ensure there are some cupboards to keep everything in, and a medicine cabinet on the wall is also an excellent option. There are many excellent storage options you can consider for your bathroom, so you will want to do plenty of searching online to see if you can see anything that will be suitable for your bathroom.

The Colour Scheme Of Your Bathroom

You will also want to plan the colour scheme of your bathroom, and it is often best to choose your bathroom furniture and the tiles before you look at colours you can paint the walls. It is much simpler to find a paint that matches your choices than selecting bathroom furniture and tiles to match a colour of paint you like.