Hardwood vs. Softwood Decking


There is nothing better than enjoying your backyard, surrounded by your friends and family enjoying a barbeque and conversation. If your backyard is empty, you may have considered replacing your lawn with a beautiful wooden deck. Decks can be custom designed to meet your wants and desires

 Would you like a multi-level deck for a fire pit? Would you like your deck to wrap around the back and sides of your home? Do you want your deck to have stairs on each side so you and your family can easily access the yard? There are so many benefits to building a deck. It will increase your kerb appeal, property value, and create a perfect space to socialise with friends and family.

Softwood Decking

You may have heard of softwood and hardwood decking. 20 years ago, softwood decking was much more popular. You could find quality and sap-free softwood. Today, it is much harder. Softwood is filled with knots and sap. The life expectancy of softwood has greatly decreased by over ten years.

Your deck is outside. It must endure the harsh weather elements like rain and UV rays from the sun. Softwood decks easily crack, break, and split. They create a safety hazard for your family and friends. It is not beneficial to save a little money by installing a softwood deck. Instead, you should seek a company providing hardwood decking in Brisbane.

Hardwood Decking

A company providing deck installation may tell you that you can chemically treat softwood decking. The chemicals will work to preserve the decking. However, chemically treated softwood decking does not compare to hardwood decking.

Hardwood decking is known for its longevity, weather-resistance characteristics, and durability. Hardwood may cost more, but due to its lifespan, will actually save you money in the long run. You will not have to worry about knots or rot.

As with any deck, you will need to clean your deck to protect it from buildup and degradation. However, softwood will crack and split while hardwood will remain intact. It is stable and durable. Contractors prefer installing hardwood decking because they can guarantee the product.

The five most popular choices for hardwood decking include:

  1. Ipe
  2. Batu
  3. Cumaru
  4. Angelim Pedra
  5. Massaranduba

Each one of these types of woods is durable, strong, and long-lasting. Maintenance is relatively easy. You will want to clean your deck and restrain it once every two or so years. You may have considered purchasing chemically treated weather-resistant wood. Staining your wood will keep it beautiful and prolong its lifespan.