Has Your Old Concrete Driveway Seen Better Days?


Most homes have a concrete driveway in place, but it’s not a part of the home that most people think much about. In fact, many people don’t even bother to keep their concrete driveway clean and free of debris. Unfortunately it’s also one part of the home that can really become unsightly if not taken care of. If you’re preparing to sell your home or you want to do a cost effective renovation, a new concrete driveway might just be a good plan.

What Has Happened to Your Driveway?

The truth is that nothing lasts forever, and though serviceable and quite durable, every concrete driveway suffers damage over time. Here are some ways in which this occurs:

  • Trees: It’s very common for tree roots to grow under concrete and damage the substrate. If you’ve even seen cracked and lifted concrete, it’s probably because there are tree roots that have grown underneath and damaged it.
  • Weather: The weather also plays a major role in damaging concrete. Heat expands the concrete substrate and cold weather contracts it. This movement can form cracks and other damage that allow rain water to enter the aggregate, causing further damage.
  • Soil movement: It’s also not uncommon for movement of the subsoil to contribute to cracking of concrete slabs. This may even be due to ongoing construction or excavation work nearby. It can also happen due to changes in the water table or a leaking pipe.

If your driveway is looking old, worn and tired, it can really affect the value of your home. The good news is that companies who install new concrete driveways in Melbourne offer a cost effective solution to these problems.

How About a Brand New Driveway?

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your tired old driveway, here are some of the most modern concrete solutions:

  • Coloured concrete: Most people think of concrete as boring and grey, but it doesn’t have to be that way at all. In fact, you can have a concrete driveway installed that is coloured. The coloured pigment is mixed with the concrete, meaning that it’s a part of the material. The benefit of this is that the colour won’t simply wear off like paint.
  • Exposed aggregate: Normally, the surface of concrete is smoothed out and any stony aggregate is hidden beneath it. An exposed aggregate driveway changes all of that. The small stones, pebbles, and crushed shells are exposed right at the surface of the concrete, making for a textured, attractive, and durable finish that many people enjoy as an alternative.
  • Pave cut concrete: Sometimes, you just don’t have the budget for anything fancy. A pave cut surface is one where the normally smooth concrete surface is cut so that there are grooves. It’s a less expensive solution for those who can’t afford a more expensive finish, but still offers a look that is a little out of the ordinary.

If your driveway has seen better days and you want a brand new look, there are modern concrete driveway solutions that are strong, durable, and attractive.