Leading Elements of a Mellow Beach House Kitchen


Having a coastal kitchen in your beach house is advantageous. It provides a relaxing feel to anyone who enters and makes cooking time refreshing. For those who want to feel the vacation vibe throughout the year, knowing the main components of a mellow beach house kitchen can help you out. Check these essential things to know to turn your ordinary space into a mellow beach house kitchen.

Beach-inspired tiles

Create a head-turning spot in your kitchen by using a patterned or colorful tile backsplash. A coastal themed kitchen will allow you to create a backsplash that is full of character. You can utilize glass tiles that are marbled in green, blue, tan, or gray tones to create an instant visual representation of waves in the ocean or use different treasures and stones to make your mosaic.

Coastal colors

The ocean usually conjures up different romantic color shades. Some are inspired by the sky, the sand, and various hues of the water. If you are opting for a mellow beach house kitchen, you can use any shade of blue for your walls, tiles, cabinets, kitchen accessories, and appliances. You may also match the bright blue color with white schemes. Aside from that, consider using a pair of muted blues that feature complementary tones of yellow or gray.

Colored appliances

Another brilliant way to create an instant pop of color in your mellow beach house kitchen is to use a colored appliance. It can also let you make the entire décor of your kitchen simple since you only need some pieces to standout. For example, choose complementary colored appliances like a turquoise refrigerator, green gas stove, or classic white lamps to create a beach-themed kitchen.


For beach house kitchens, wood accents will never go out of style. Most mellow beachfront home kitchens boast a driftwood look that can withstand the harsh weather conditions along the beach. If you are opting for a more beach cottage kitchen look, adding unfinished looking wood furniture is ideal. A kitchen with wood accents is also among the most appealing properties that can sell fast.

People will be excited to see properties that have wood furniture, especially in the kitchen. Whitewashed wood pieces can give an antique look to any space. On the other hand, wood floors are one of the rising trends for coastal themed kitchens today.

Crisp whites

Aside from the blue colored ocean, a mellow beach house kitchen will never be complete without crisp white-colored sand. The purity of white sand provides a peaceful and relaxing feel that can replenish your energy whenever you look at it. In the same way, opt for a crisp white color scheme in your beach house kitchen to express your creativity when choosing other kitchen additions.

A mellow beach house kitchen can liven up your entire space. If you want to sell your property, applying the above mentioned tips can increase the overall value of your property. Check out we buy houses West Palm Beach online buyers who can help you sell your house fast.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/rU-R1Gx7RrI