Six Ways To Get More Out Of Your Garden During The Summer


After a long and cold winter, residents are generally quite eager to spend a greater amount of time outdoors in the sunshine and, additionally, in their gardens. These private outdoor spaces, however, occasionally fall outside of consideration. Neglect during winter not only leads to an untidy garden but can also impede enjoyment of the space during summer as a number of chores then become necessary to make the garden comfortable once more.

With even a small amount of preparation, as well as an element of creative design, gardens can not only be suitably enjoyed during summer but can even become productive and exciting spaces for residents, family, friends, and even neighbours. Here are six ideas for those who want to ensure they get the most out of their garden space.

Storage For Furniture

 Those who invest in outdoor dining equipment or garden furniture can often be disappointed with how quickly they deteriorate, especially after a winter of rainfall and wind. Constructs made of wood and metal can also become damaged beyond repair, with rot and rust being problematic.

If time is taken to safely store garden furniture, or appropriately cover and protect it from the elements, then it will maintain its quality and be enjoyed to its fullest when the climate is once again suitable.

Growing Food

 Taking the time to plant seedlings earlier in the year will mean that, during the summer and even autumn months, fresh foods can be enjoyed from a garden space. Then, as these are harvested, new seeds can be put down ready for harvesting later in the year or even early springtime.

Garden Outbuildings

 A garden shed is seldom utilised beyond storage, which limits a garden’s potential. Thankfully, however, many residents are now choosing to invest in log cabins and other such garden outbuildings, opening their garden space up to the potential of new spaces.

From external offices to yoga studios, or even a guest room, garden outbuildings not only give homeowners a place to enjoy during the summer but even the cold and wet periods too.

Weed Maintenance

 A garden that is not managed, particularly when it comes to weeds, can find itself being less often enjoyed. This is not only because weeds are generally unsightly, but also because they can very easily cause issues. Brambles and nettles can close off areas with their stings while other plants, such as cleavers and bindweed can prevent other plants from growing.

Install Solar Panels

 Previously, solar panels had been a significant investment. However, now they are compact and efficient, with many homeowners even having them in a garden space. During the summer, this can be particularly useful, with residents benefiting from the sunshine even when they aren’t outside.

Pizza Ovens

 Having a pizza oven brings about a great number of benefits, even beyond its potential for food. These handsome structures will make hosting events more exciting, improve your culinary skills, and even improve the value of a home too.