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What Are Skillion Roof Garages?


If you are looking to upgrade the exterior of your property then looking at custom garages are a great option for you. A garage provides so much more than a safe space to keep your vehicle, it is also a spot for storing tools and you could even transform it into a living space should you so wish. A garage can also increase the value of your home if you get the design and the features just right, and many homeowners prefer to invest in a property that has a garage already built.

In recent years, we have seen garage design become more creative than ever, and in particular we have seen a rise in the number of skillion garages being constructed. These are a quality option and if you want to know more about this kind of garage, read on for the rundown.

Skillion Roof

When most people picture garages they think of them with a symmetrical, pyramid-style roof, that is very much the more traditional design. A skillion roof is very different from this, in that it is a single sloped roof. The main reason behind this kind of roof option is that it looks so much more stylish than the symmetrical roof and this is why many like to make this choice for their garage.

Benefits of a Skillion Roof

If we compare the traditional roof to a skillion roof, the main difference really is aesthetic. The space provided in the roof’s interior is very much the same, the weather protection and the security of the roof is also the same. What this single-sloping roof provides however is a style feature and for garages that are going to be connected to homes, it is very much the sleeker option. SKillion garages flow seamlessly from the exterior of your current property and make it look like a single piece of construction rather than a separate entity.

A benefit of this kind of roof that you may not have considered however is that it comes in at a much lower cost than a tradition apex roof. This is thanks to an easier construction and less materials being required for the build. A final benefit to consider if you are going to connect the garage to the property is that drainage on one side of the garage rather than both is so much more preferable. You will require less by way of guttering design and completely negate any risk to the property.

There are also benefits to this kind of garage for those who are looking to install solar panels. If you are going to turn the garage into living quarters then the panels on the roof can in fact provide enough energy to run the electricity for the garage on their own.

This is a very attractive option and it is why so many companies who build custom garages will often try to encourage their clients to have a skillion roof as part of the construction. If you are planning on building a garage on your property, be sure that you have considered this highly beneficial option.