When You Need That Added Bit of Privacy, Or the Sun is Just Too Much


Having a good set of curtains is actually really important, although, their practicality can often be overlooked compromising look and feel over how effective they actually are, sometimes though, with many things, until you actually buy, fit and use your curtains you won’t start to consider how your purchase could have been done a little differently;

Bespoke curtains

When buying, or even just looking at new curtains it is best to try and source a company that can offer you a bespoke level of service. Mainly because, by using them, it should open your mind as to what your needs are before you actually dive in and make a purchase.

Design and colour

For example, they will be able to help you to identify how to get the most from your curtains in terms of the design and the colour. You may not have considered blackout curtains from Bordon, until your new set goes up and you soon realize that they are no match for the sun, and that you should have gone for something a little darker.


Looking for the best price can be tempting, especially if you’re looking on the Internet, however you would be best advised to actually go in and speak with a local design/fitting company. They will need to come and measure up to make sure that your new curtains fit, they may also make suggestions that you might not have considered. Your Internet purchase, may not go the same way, what If they don’t fit? You’ll have caused yourself a major pain in the backside for no reason.